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Debby Burden - Lanham: A View From My Lens...

Maybe it's just me, but I'm thinking winter just passed us by (and no complaints here). The buttercups have been bloomed for quite sometime. I thought with all this beautifully warm weather, I would post one to share this week. I love seeing the buttercups blooming, gives me strength knowing spring is around the corner and new life begins all around us. Spring is a time to clean...not just your house, but your soul, you mind, your heart. Start a new beginning for your life. Become to person you've always wanted to be. Spring toward your goals and passions.

I so enjoyed speaking to two classes of high school students today on my love for photography. I enjoy sharing my passion and my goals. This was the first time I had spoken in front of groups and it was very rewarding for me.
I hope everyone has an incredible weekend and gets out to enjoy this early spring weather. There is so much beauty going on right now all over this beautiful town. Don't forget to always take time to stop and smell the roses along life's journey! You never know when it may be your last journey on this earth.
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