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DEADLINE EXTENDED: BtN/WLBQ offers Candidate Questionnaire

BtN offers Candidate Questionnaire

There's still time for candidates to turn in their BtN/WLBQ questionnaire.  Due to Fall Break and several people out of town on vacation, the deadline for the BtN/WLBQ Candidate Questionnaire has been extended to Monday, October 8th.

According to BtN Vice-President John Embry, five candidates have turned in their questionnaires so far and at least four of those will be appearing on "Out on a Limb" for a radio interview.  

"We've had pretty good candidate participation so far and I expect a few more to take advantage of this opportunity," said Embry.  "This is a great way for candidates to reach both our BtN readers and WLBQ listeners in anticipation of the election."  

Unlike other candidate profiles, the BtN/WLBQ Candidate Questionnaire gives candidates the chance to engage voters in their own words.  

"Although we've done it both ways in the past, we prefer to let the candidates speak for themselves," said Embry.  

According to Embry, the questionnaires will start being posted next week.  Candidates will also start appearing on "Out on a Limb."  

* * * 

ORIGINAL STORY:  Want to know more about candidates running for Morgantown City Council or school board?  Then be sure to stay connected to Beech Tree News and WLBQ 1570 AM.  In an effort to better inform its readers/listeners, BtN is making a questionnaire available to all candidates.  The answers, in the candidate's own words, will be posted throughout the month of October on the BtN website and broadcast on WLBQ 1570 AM.  All candidates are encouraged to participate. 

 "We felt like this would be a good way to help our readers and listeners get to know the candidates seeking public office.  Local elections are important to our community and voters need as much unbiased information as they can get before casting their ballot,"said John Embry, BtN vice-president.  "We hope all candidates will take advantage of this opportunity to address prospective voters by responding to the questionnaire."

 The BtN Candidate Questionnaire is extended to all candidates contending for seats in Morgantown & Butler County on November 6, 2012. Please submit answers for free publication/broadcasting on and on radio station 1570 AM / WLBQ. All candidates are invited to participate.  Entries should be submitted electronically via e-mail to along with one photo if so desired by Monday, October 1, 2012.  Word documents and JPG photos are preferred.  Entries will not be edited for content.

 1) Please describe the duties, as you see them, of holding the seat of which you are seeking and how you plan to fulfill those responsibilities.

2) What do you feel is the #1 issue that needs to be addressed in Morgantown/Butler County? If elected, what specific steps will you take to address this issue?

3) What do you see as Morgantown/Butler County’s greatest asset? How do you plan to expose and promote this positive feature?

4) Where do you see Morgantown/Butler County in five years?

5) What qualifications do you believe you possess that would make you qualified for the position you are seeking?


6) What role, if any, do you feel technology has in the future of Morgantown/Butler County? (High speed internet, 3G cellular service, virtual presence of our city/county, etc…)

Would you like to be a guest on John Embry's Out on a Limb Radio Program?  If so, provide a contact number below or send your request to

Contact Number:  __________________________________________ 


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