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Daugherty, Basham to remain on Ambulance Board; county tax rates set

Butler County Clerk Sherry Johnson presenting the 2018 Tax Rates.

Butler County Fiscal Court met in regular session on Monday, September 10th at the Butler County Courthouse.  Magistrates Stevie Givens, Johnny Tuck, Chad Tyree, and David Whittinghill were in attendance. 
In the first item of business the court reappointed Pat Daugherty and O'Neil Basham to the Butler County Ambulance Board.  Both currently serve on the board but were up for reappointment.  They join Debbie Rose Worley, Chad Johnson, and Teresa Johnson on the board.
Butler County Clerk Sherry Johnson presented the 2018 tax rates for approval. County rates decreased from 8.2 to 8.0, health department stayed the same at 2.25 as did the ambulance tax at 8.9.  Slight increases in the library 6.7 to 6.9, Extension 7.038 to 7.142, and school tax from 41.90 to 42.40.  The court approved Johnson's request.

CLICK HERE FOR THE 2018 TAX RATES:2018 Tax Rates.pdf
The court set a deadline for agenda items to be submitted to the judge's office.  The deadline will be 2:00 p.m. the Thursday prior to the bi-monthly Monday meeting.

Butler County Treasurer Rebecca Jacobs gave the treasurer's report. Beginning balance $3,216,721.49, Receipts $1,262,790.82, Disbursements $417,244.16, and Ending balance $4,062,268.15.


The court thanked the following people for working free of charge on the pavilion at Butler County Park North on Saturday:  Hollis Lawrence, Chase Justice, Kyle Whittinghill, Ethan Lawrence, Tim Reese, David Whittinghill, Jonathan Deweese, J.B. Miller, Charles West, Josh Renfrow and Randal Deweese.  The North Park Fest will begin at 4:45 p.m. on Saturday, September 15th.

The court approved the following by a 4-0 vote:

  • Litter Abatement Checks- 4th District VFD $685, Woodbury Masonic Lodge $574, Zion Harmony Church $546, and Butler County Education Foundation $442
  • Agreement with Capstone Administrators, LLC for filing services
  • Correction of state payments from General Fund to Jail Fund
  • Bills and transfers
  • Monthly treasurer's settlement
  • Transfer of $25,000 from General Fund to Jail Fund
  • Butler County Jail Social Media Policy



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