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Cub Scouts Pack 208

Some of the Cub Scouts from Pack 208 had a wonderful weekend, May 5th, at Barren River State Park.  It rained hard, very hard, the entire day and night.  Despite the harsh weather, the 8 to 10-year-old boys learned, met many requirements and had fun. 


There wasn't one complaint or display of frustration, even in the rainy, high wind weather.  The boys demonstrated the Scout Oath and Law, and teamwork really was demonstrated naturally.  Some of the requirements and activities the boys completed and participated in were...
1.  Picking a tent site and assembling their tent.
2. Learning basic canoeing skills and equipment and having boat races.
3. 3-mile hike with heavy packs in the pouring rain. ( Hike plans, leadership role)
4. Identifying plants and animals
5. Building a bird box (tool and tool safety)
6. Learning about different methods of cooking ( Dutch oven, Camp Stove, Cast Iron)
7.  Fire building and fire safety
8. Planning and preparing a nutritious meal
9. Planning and implementing a Campfire Program with skits, songs, prayer, and reflection
10. Communicating with Semaphores
11. Knot tying (taunt line, two half hitches, square knot, and bow line)



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