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Covid-19 "Dead Period" suspends BCHS Senior athletes' final season

Baseball and softball teams across the state, as well as tennis and track, typically begin practicing in February with games and meets beginning in mid-March. However, with the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) setting forth a ruling declaring a coronavirus "dead period," the fate of these players’ final high school season remains unknown.

Based upon the KHSAA’s decision to suspend spring sports due to Covid-19, Beech Tree News (BTN) asked Butler County High School senior athletes impacted by the unexpected changes to their final season of BC sports, to share their thoughts. This article will feature BCHS softball and baseball seniors, with a subsequent article highlighting BCHS track and tennis.

Softball senior Ashley Thacker is staying positive.  

“Being a senior is supposed to be the best year of your life. Having half of it taken away from us is devastating. We may not get the opportunity to play the last season of our sports. We won’t get the chance to have a last bus ride or get that feeling of a hard-fought win or feel the competition of a district game. We won’t get to walk the halls of our elementary schools, in our caps and gowns," said Thacker.  "This time is hard for every senior, but we are trying to stay positive because we want everyone to be healthy.”   

Softball senior Haley Peach holds out some hope of a bit more of a senior year.  

“As a senior, this time has been very tough for me. It has been hard knowing I may not get to play one last softball game, have a prom, or do normal senior things like walk the halls with our cap and gowns and just be proud of our accomplishments what we have worked for our entire life," said Peach.  "During this time, I try and keep myself busy, so my mind doesn’t think about the things that are being taken from me. I think about my family and friend’s well-being and us being healthy once the quarantine is over. I’m also trying to stay quarantined so maybe we will have a chance to be seniors again.”

Bayleigh Alford, softball senior, expressed the surprise that she and other seniors have felt at this school year’s unusual turn of events.

“No one expected this to be our senior year. We all thought we’d get to have our last first softball game, have our last spring break trip, senior night, senior prom, skip day, senior prank, and senior walk-but that’s not how it’s happening. I try to remember that everything happens for reason and I remember all the good times I’ve had throughout the years. I remember how thankful I am for everyone that has been trying to help us seniors as we all go through this and remember everyone who has got all of us to where we are at today," said Alford.  "I pray everyone is staying safe and doing what they can to be healthy. This is a rough time for us all. I just try to keep smiling and be thankful for everything that’s happened up to this point.”

Softball senior Eyvn Frazier expresses gratitude for her work, as it gives her an important distraction.

“Going into senior year we all have ours lasts that we want to accomplish or do. Things like our last softball season, prom, our senior walk, and graduation. Lots of tears have been shed knowing that all of that has been taken away. The fact that we won’t have those opportunities crushes me because we will never have this time back," said Frazier. "The thought of knowing all the memories we could have made and cherished during this time is probably the hardest part. But during this time, I’ve tried to go outside and do activities and keep my mind off of what’s going on in this crazy world. Also, working has helped knowing I’m making a difference in someone else’s life at the nursing home.”

Hannah Chaney, softball senior, is looking forward to the future.  She has signed to play at Wabash Valley College.

“Being a senior and having my season end before it even started is pretty devastating, But, I have continued to work on my game in hopes of our season not officially being completely canceled. Playing our last first softball game, going on the spring break trip, senior skip day, the senior walk, senior night, and possibly even graduation-those are some things we looked forward to as seniors and we may never get the chance to have. To get my mind off of this I just think about how we are helping to keep people safe by staying in quarantine because staying home keeps it from spreading as fast. I just have to stay positive and look on the bright side and stay hopeful. I am also so thankful I will play softball in college, so I can continue to play the game I love after all this is over.”

Baseball senior Landon Cardwell expresses disappointment with the situation.

“As a senior playing baseball, it really sucks not having a senior season.  Playing all my life and not being able to play my last season hurts more than anything. I’ve waited a long time for this season," said Cardwell.  "Watching other guys get there senior night and wanting that for so long it really makes me sad when I think about it. I just don’t try to think about it and that is what helps me get through all this. It hasn’t really hit me yet that we probably won’t have a senior season. It’s going to be hard when they finally say that it is cancelled.”


Warren Cameron, baseball senior is hopeful.  

“This time off has been hard for me. Even though I co-op all day, I am still missing out on my senior year. It has hard knowing that we might never get to play another baseball game," said Cameron.  "I was looking forward to this season and playing one last time with the boys. I’ve tried to stay as busy as possible to keep my mind off playing baseball and doing things with my team. We are trying to stay home and healthy, so we can hopefully have our year back.”

Baseball senior Parker Rice is staying busy.

“I’ve been trying to keep busy by working, fishing and taking my little brother turkey hunting.  It’s been hard because I was looking forward to my senior year and playing with my friends. I’ve tried to stay positive by doing other hobbies that I love," said Rice.

* * *  

Beech Tree News is proud of these players and the perspective they have during a challenging time. Stay tuned to hear more thoughts from BCHS tennis and track senior athletes.



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