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Court votes to accept software bids for electronic filing, record management portal

Jackie Arnold of Software Management, LLC and Butler County Clerk Sherry Johnson

Butler County Fiscal Court held its first meeting of 2023 on Monday, January 9. All magistrates, including newly-elected Allen Smith of the Third District, were in attendance.

After correcting minutes from the December 27, 2022, meeting, the Court headed into new business.

Butler County Clerk Sherry Johnson and Jackie Arnold of Software Management, LLC made a presentation to the Court. Senate Bill 135 now requires all county clerks in Kentucky to maintain portals for the electronic filing and online searching of recorded instruments for the past 60 years by June 30, 2023. 

According to Johnson, she found four companies that do the indexing required by the state. Two companies were from Kentucky, so she got quotes and information from Data Records Management Services ($140,500) and Software Management, LLC ($132,980). Johnson added that Software Management, LLC is considered a "trusted vendor" and can put its hardware and software on the state computers (giving flexibility). Software Management is currently used by 81 of the 120 counties in Kentucky. 

After a discussion about the bidding process, Fourth District Magistrate David Whittinghill motioned to place the project for bid. Allen Smith seconded the motion, which passed on a 5-0 vote.

Next, Butler County Jailer Wayne Russ and Deputy Jailer Kelly Fugate asked the Court to approve the updates to the Policy and Procedures and the Organizational Chart due to an upcoming audit. Fugate also asked for approval of a new class, "Untangling Relationships," to be offered to the state inmates. The Court approved both requests.

Deputy Jailer Ralph Spohn spoke next about clarifying positions within the jail staff.

They plan to move Michelle Hunt and Chad Bratcher into the daily operations of the jail and give them more responsibility. Jailer Russ stated there would be no more full-time hires, and he is always keeping a close eye on expenses.

The Court approved the hiring of Octavia Wilson as the Butler County Courthouse custodian with a 90-day probation period.

The Court approved the purchase of two ferry tugs from Monroe County for $5,000. A lengthy discussion occurred over how to transport the tugs. The Court asked for the hiring of a ferry supervisor. Magistrate Allen Smith stated that county road foreman Jonathon Deweese has to spend too much of his time at the ferries for general repairs and relief operations. The ferry supervisor would work as a relief operator and take care of general repairs on the ferries and grounds. The Court agreed to advertise for the position.

Magistrate David Whittinghill asked the Court for permission for the Recycling Center to apply for a Kentucky Pride Grant. The grant would provide a small excavator and money for advertising at no expense to the county. Volunteer hours cover the matching funds for the grant. Whittinghill, Stevie Givens, and Allen Smith for yes, while Kevin Phelps and Dillon Bryant voted no.


The Court approved the following additional items:

--Bills and transfers

--Quarterly Financial Statement

--Monthly Treasurer's Settlement

--Rescue Squad Order of Affiliation

--First District Fire Board Financial Statement $160,000

--Contract 2022 EMA Program Funds EMPG 2022 Cycle


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