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Court sets new property tax rate on a 4-2 vote

Approved rate is lower but the county will receive more overall revenue from taxpayers. 


Butler County Fiscal Court met at the courthouse on Monday, August 8. All magistrates were present.

The Court set the tax rate for the county. The tax rate levied for 2021 was 7.9 cents per $100 of assessed value and produced revenue of $370,780.37.

The Court had two options for 2022:

1.    Take the compensating rate of 7.5 cents per $100 assessed value, which would have produced $373,977.

2.    Take an increase (from the compensating rate) to 7.8 cents per $100 assessed value, yielding $388,936.

The Court approved the 7.8 rate by a 4-2 vote. Judge/Executive Tim Flener, Stevie Givens, Kevin Phelps, and David Whittinghill voted yes, and Dillon Bryant and Timmy Givens voted no.

Butler County Jailer Ricky Romans presented an amendment to the jail policy and procedures manual concerning the transportation of prisoners. The Court approved the amendment.

Butler County Sheriff Scottie Ward requested to surplus a 2010 Charger, which is no longer in service. He also asked the Court to approve a resolution for a Homeland Security Grant, providing three vests, one taser, one taser cartilage, and a pistol for the department. Sheriff Ward also presented his 2021 Property Tax Settlement, 2021 Mineral Tax Settlement, and 2021 Franchise Tax Settlement, pending final audit.

Magistrates approved a contract between the Butler County Fiscal Court and the Butler County Ambulance Service for the purchase of an ambulance, not to exceed $200,000. The Court will send the contract to the ambulance board for approval.

Judge Tim Flener asked the magistrates to turn in any illegal dumps in their districts by September 1. The Court approved the participation in the 2023 Illegal Open Dump Cleanup Grant Program.

The Court approved a bid from GeoConex for CAD/Map Hardware and software update of $39,639.68 from the E-911 Service Grant.

The Court gave Butler County Cancer Assistance $5,000. In addition, Third District Magistrate Timmy Givens also asked that $1,000 of his Celebration Money be given to Cancer Assistance.

 The Court approved an $8,500 bid from Kisner Heating and Air for the courthouse for a 5-ton furnace/AC and coil.

 The Court approved the following additional items by a 5-0 vote:

–Pay Butler County Tourism Commission quarterly tax of $1,858.49

–Health Taxing rate of 2.5

–Bills and transfers

–Transfer $10,000 from General Fund to E-911

–Transfer $35,000 from General Fund to Jail Fund

–Treasurer's Monthly Statement

–2nd reading and adoption of budget amendment #1 $169,636.68

–Financial statements: 4th District VFD, 5th District VFD, and Butler County Tourism

–Resolution for IDA Board for broadband expenditure


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