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Court makes hires for custodial, road department; budget, amendments approved

Butler County Fiscal Court met on Tuesday, December 27, at the courthouse. All magistrates were in attendance Stevie Givens, Kevin Phelps, Timmy Givens, David Whittihghill, and Dillon Bryant. Allen Smith, the newly-elected Third District magistrate, was also in attendance.

The Court went into closed session pursuant to KRS61.8109(r). Upon returning to the open session, magistrates approved the hiring of Lauren Dockery for custodial services for the courthouse at $15.00 per hour/less than 100 hours per month for a 90-day probation period.

 The Court also approved the hiring of Tommy Brosnan for the county road department at $14.50 per hour starting January 3, 2023, with a 60-day probation period. Magistrate Kevin Phelps abstained from voting due to being related to Mr. Brosnan.

Butler County Sheriff Scottie Ward presented his 2022 final budget amendment, which the Court approved.

Denise Tarrence, Deputy County Clerk, presented the Clerk's 2022 budget amendment. According to Tarrence, the Clerk's office took in $2 million over their estimated budget.

Butler County Jailer Ricky Romans resigned from the Regional Jail Board and Deputy Jailer Ralph Spohn was appointed to the board. Romans did not seek reelection due to retirement.

 The Court appointed Magistrate Stevie Givens to chair the meeting and Kevin Phelps as executive officer in the event Judge/Executive Tim Flener cannot perform his duties.

 Magistrates also approved the following appointments:

–County employees per KRS 67.710, including Boards

–Emergency Manager Charlie Tomes per KRS398.020

–County Road Supervisor Jonathon Deweese (4-year term) per KRS179.020

–Finance Officer LaDonna Whittinghill Magistrate Whittinghill abstained from voting due to being married to Mrs. Whittinghill.

 The Court approved the following:

–Bills and transfers

–Transfer of $35,000 from the General Fund to the Jail Fund

–Transfer of $20,000 from the General Fund to the E-911 Fund.

–Bonds for County employees

–Bond on Judge/Executive Tim Flener, per KRS67.720



The Court presented outgoing magistrate Timmy Givens with a plaque for serving the county for 21 years.  Jokingly, they also gave him a box of Foot Loops and hot sauce for his attention to detail with the jail food budget.


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