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Court approves raise for election workers; addresses issues with ambulance remounts

Butler County Fiscal Court met at the courthouse on Monday, April 24. All magistrates attended: Stevie Gives, Kevin Phelps, Allen Smith, David Whittinghill, and Dillon Bryant.  

Butler County Clerk Sherry Johnson showed the court one of the twenty new E-Poll machines that will be used in the May primary. The machines cost $35,025.  Johnson secured a grant for $34,000 to defer the cost.

Next, Johnson asked for a raise for the election officers.  

"They currently make $125 per day, 13-hour day, which means they make $9.61 per hour," said Johnson. "I recommend a pay increase to $175 per day."

The court approved the pay raise. The cost to run an election is estimated at $12,500.

Johnson also submitted a $3,055.20 claim to calculate motor vehicle and boat bills, which goes to the state.

Patrick Daugherty, the Butler County Ambulance Board chairman, addressed the court concerning a new ambulance. Magistrates had previously approved the purchase of a remount at $178,530. However, Daugherty said they had problems with the remounts due to going from an E -Series to an F-Series box.  

"There is a six-inch height difference which creates loading issues. In addition, we will have to install a lifting device, costing approximately $50,000 to 60,000," said Daugherty. 

The court decided to look into rebidding the remount to avoid the problem faced by the Ambulance Board on the first remount.

Magistrates approved opening a bank account at Morgantown Bank & Trust for the Woodbury R.V. Park, including QR scan codes on site.

All magistrates received a copy of the FY24 proposed budget. A called meeting will be held on May 4 at 8:30 a.m. to discuss the budget.

The court accepted the 4th District VFD financial statement.

To round out the meeting, magistrates approved the following items:

--Removal of Porta-Potty from the Rochester Ferry

--Advertise a new roof for the courthouse, and health department and repairs on the salt bin

--Advertise for Apportionment Board Members

--County Cooperative Extension Service Budget Plan

--Bills and transfers

--Transfer $35,000 from General Fund to Jail Fund

--Budget Amendment #4

--Quarterly statement



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