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Corvette Caravan Coming to Morgantown

On Wednesday, August 27th, between 3:00-4:00pm, a caravan of between 500-1000 beautiful Corvettes has selected Morgantown for a brief rest spot.  A portion of the caravan begins in the Pacific Northwest, picking up participants along the way as they travel for several days before joining the Kansas and Missouri group.  The participants will meet in Columbia, Missouri and be in route to Bowling Green, Kentucky.
The caravan will stop in Morgantown for 30-60 minutes and wait for the National Corvette Museum to contact the group with instructions to proceed.  An officer of the Kentucky State Patrol will arrive in Morgantown to escort the caravan to Bowling Green.  He will be driving a Corvette with lights on the top.
“While in Morgantown, we will have the opportunity to mingle with the residents of the community while sharing their community with us,” says Joe Moncado, the coordinator of the group.
The Corvettes will be parking in the following areas: The Pamida Store lot, behind the Pamida Store by the ball park, in the old Dollar General Store lot, at the Charles T. Black Park, and other areas throughout the city.
This is an unusual time slot; however, we hope as many of the citizens can come out and enjoy this brief event.  This will be great for Corvette and other car enthusiast to enjoy.



What time will they arrive in town?
They will be here between 3:00-4:00pm.

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