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Coping with Covid-19: Drake's Farm Service

With the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic wreaking havoc across the globe, it seems no one is immune from making major changes in their lives both personally and professionally. Beech Tree News (BTN) is grateful for other businesses in our community that, when facing challenges related to Covid-19, have risen to be a bright spot during a difficult time. Recently, BTN asked many local businesses how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted them. Below is part five in a series of articles featuring those businesses that have responded. In this article, we feature Drakes Farm Service.

Owner Denny Drake indicates that he and his employees have worked hard to ensure the safety of themselves and their customers as they shop. Plexiglass barriers have been installed on the counters as well as markers on the floor to improve traffic flow and promote social distancing.

“Traffic is high in the showroom with so many folks off work,” Drake says. For that reason, Drake and his staff have set up a tent to house a completely outdoor system for their fertilizer blending operation, even allowing patrons to place orders and pay without entering the store.

Precautions are taken both in and out of the store with employees frequently changing gloves and alcohol wipes being used often to sanitize surfaces.

Drake is proud of his staff for the work they have put in to ensure customer care and safety. “I can say with 100% confidence we have the best team ever at Drakes Farm Service.”

Drake indicates that he talked with his staff a few weeks ago, asking if they thought Drakes should go to curbside only shopping. All of his employees agreed to remain open, while taking precautions.

“We have the best staff ever-100% dedication,” Drakes concludes.

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