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Cool Springs Church Launches New Web-Site

Cool Springs General Baptist Church in Morgantown has recently launched a new website and branding campaign. Having recognized the recent need for an improved online presence, the church formed a committee to oversee the web and branding project. Kathern Jennings, church member and committee chair, said it was important to the church that they be well represented online because their is so much interaction now on the web. View the site here.
"We wanted a way to represent God & our church in a positive way online. We try to reach people every Sunday, why would we not take advantage of technology and spread God's word any day of the week," she said. "We want people to feel comfortable coming to our church before they ever set foot in the door. We have lots of mission work going on and we want people to easily find out how to get involved."
In addition to building a new web-site, Cool Springs has recently taken their mission to Facebook. Travis Johnson who helps run the church Facebook page said the social networks are a great way to keep their members and others from the community informed and involved. "There are so many people using Facebook to keep up to date with their friends, family and the news. There is no reason we should not be doing the same with our church family," He said.
In order to accomplish these tasks Johnson said the committee sought help with the web & branding campaign. "We quickly found out that we were not able to build a web-site on our own, so we had to hire some help!"  That help came from The Hampton Company, a Morgantown based multi-media company. Owner Landon Hampton said working with Cool Springs was a great experience. "The committee knew what they wanted. So that made our job much easier," he said. "We took their ideas and made them look good. The site is very clean and easy to use. We are proud of this project"
Visit the Cool Springs website here:
Like Cool Springs on Face book here:


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