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Congressman Brett Guthrie visits Morgantown Elementary

Second District U.S. Congressman Brett Guthrie visited Morgantown Elementary on Monday to give a presentation to students. MES fifth-graders have been studying the separation of powers in the federal government, so the Congressman helped explain that to students.

Superintendent Scott Howard welcomed Guthrie to Morgantown. Howard said that he had heard Guthrie spoke on the separation of powers before, and that the Congressman would not only be informative, but entertaining.

Guthrie opened his comments with a brief history lesson concerning the Revolutionary War and the formation of our nation. Then the Congressman used timely examples and stories from his time in Washington, to help explain the separation of powers to students.

After his remarks the Congressman took five questions from some preselected students, and then opened up the floor for further questioning. He was asked to explain why he got into politics, what he is passionate about, what laws he has worked on, and even what a typical day of his is like.

Students selected to ask questions to Congressman Guthrie. Left to right; Conley Moore, Harley Howard, Hannah Gill, Bode Hammer, and Hayden Hodge.

Guthrie told the audience that one reason he got into federal politics was because of the work he did, with Rep. C.B. Embry Jr., to open the Butler County Area Technology Center. He impressed upon students that while not all of them will choose to attend college, it is vital that they graduate from high school and attend some sort of post-secondary education.

One question that struck a chord with Guthrie was “what is a law that you would change.” Guthrie said that he would balance our federal budget and start to pay off the national debt.
Guthrie spoke for more than an hour to an attentive crowd made up of students, parents, and administrators, and was presented with a gift after his remarks.

 Hannah Gill asks a question.


The fifth grade students of MES.



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