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Commit to Prevent Child Abuse

Butler County Judge Executive David Fields and Morgantown Mayor Billy Phelps signed a proclamation Monday morning in the courthouse lawn recognizing April as Child Abuse Prevention Month in Butler County.
"We want to call on people to learn more about child abuse and neglect and what they can do to recognize and report suspected abuse of children," said Fields.

Balloons released with Commit to Prevent  tags.
The blue and silver pinwheels placed on the courthouse lawn, by the Cabinet Cabinet for Health & Family Services Butler County Protection and Permanency, are symbols of efforts to fight child abuse.
Did you know?

  •  75,710 children were involved in child abuse/neglect reports to the Department for Community Based Services in 2016; of those, 28,496 were substantiated or in need of services
  • Neglect is the most common form of maltreatment, with 21,407 children involved in incidents of neglect.
  • 47% of children in substantiated or services or needed reports were age 5 or younger.
  •  There has been an 11% increase in the number of unique children in substantiated or services needed reports from 2012 to 2016.


  •  Total number of children in Out-of-Home-Care with active placements = 7,917
  • Average age of a child at first entry into foster care is 6.8.
  •  Average percent of a child’s life spent in care is 30.8 months
  •  Average cost per child for average months in care = $54,978.41

Dr. Amy Hood spoke briefly about programs in Butler County, such as the Born Learning Academy, Owl Academy, and the Butler County Early Childhood Extravaganza ( April 22, 9-12, at the Educational Complex).

Anyone who suspects a child has been abused or neglected in Kentucky is required to report it. To do so, people may call local police or state child protection officials at 1-877-KYSAFE1 (1-877-597-2331).


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