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Coming Home Monticello Baptist Church

Monticello Baptist Church was organized in 1805.  In those days, it was called Midway.  The name was then changed to Point Pleasant before its present incarnation, Monticello Baptist Church.  Sunday August 4, Monticello members and guests gathered to celebrate 214 years of the church’s existence.

They were blessed with live music from the Nathan Overholt Family from Logan County.  It takes a ton of God-given talent, lots of faith and plenty of gumption to get in front of live audiences to sing, much less to sing with no musical accompaniment.

After the singing, there was a sermon brought by Bro. Randy Burns.  Following that, everyone all gathered in the basement for a fantastic potluck meal of chicken, vegetables, desserts and drinks from church members.  It was a very nice day of music, preaching, food and fellowship. 


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