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Coffee Bar Opens At MCRC

A new coffee bar has opened in Morgantown but perhaps not in a place that you might expect -  Morgantown Care and Rehabilitation Center.  Princeton native Devin DeWitt, an administrator in training in the Signature Health Facility, created the MCRC Coffee Bar as part of her training project. 

Elders, stakeholders, and visitors can enjoy coffee, tea, and pastries each morning.  Several elders came to the coffee bar the first morning with their K-Cup in hand.  A Keurig coffee maker provides unlimited beverage options and a small refrigerator contains water, milk, and juice as well.  A tastefully decorated bar and donated Starbucks cups made opening day a huge success. 

"We are always looking for ways to better serve our elders," saod DeWitt.  "We hope to add some books and magazines as well for a Barnes & Noble feel to the coffee bar," said DeWitt.

If Friday morning was any indication of the coffee bar's success, look for great things to be happening at Morgantown Care and Rehab as they continue to move away from being an institution and toward being a home.


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