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Clement “Buster” Raymer Winner of $5000 Driver Performance Award Drawing at Ingram Brothers LLC

Ingram Brothers, LLC offers an incentive program for their drivers and this year 13 drivers qualified for the $5000 grand prize give away.  All drivers at Ingram Brothers compete in a performance based awards program.  Performance goals set by the company include; Fuel mileage performance, Safety performance, Customer Service, and other goals which are reviewed and awarded monthly.  The 13 drivers recognized are drivers who have meet maximum performance goals for a particular month or multiple months in 2013.  Drivers who meet these goals receive the maximum monthly bonus and are additional entered to win a $5000 drawing at the end of the year.

Eligible drivers included:

 Kevin Clausen

 Michael Frames

 James Holt

 Roy Hoover

 Kenny Howell

 Ezra Kingery

 Gary Renfrow

 Buster Raymer

 Tim Shaffer

 James Shepherd

 David Ward

 Jean Ward

 Milton Glaze





Congrats to my step brother!!

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