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Clay Embry signs with Campbellsville University

The Embry Family

Clay Embry, a standout senior running back and wideout for the Butler County High School Bears, has signed his national letter-of-intent to play his college football at Campbellsville University. Embry helped lead the Bears to an 8-4 record in 2011. For the season he had 38 catches for 640 yards and nine touchdowns. Embry also had 36 rushes for 473 yards and eight touchdowns, and four return touchdowns. Clay is the son of Todd and Angie Embry of Morgantown.

BCHS Head Football Coach Ryan Emmick

To get the signing ceremony started, BCHS Head Football Coach Ryan Emmick addressed the crowd gathered, including members of the football team, saying that "Only 10% of high school football players get the opportunity to go on to play in the collegiate ranks. Clay now has that opportunity. It came through hard work, discipline, character, and pushing through." He added, "Clay has personified the willingness it takes to fight through when times were hard. He has the advantages of God-given ability, but ability only takes you so far. You have to be willing to take it and go somewhere. Today is the day that we are going to celebrate Clay's opportunity."

During the ceremony, Embry said, "I would like to thank God for the life that he has given me and for the talent that he has given me. I want to thank my parents for all of the support and guidance that they have given me throughout this process and throughout my whole life." Embry went on to thank his coaching staff, teammates, and the community for all the support they have given to Butler County High School athletics over the years.

Embry addresses the crowd after signing

He also thanked Campbellsville for the opportunity that they have given him to continue his playing career. Embry said he had waited so long to make his decision because he wanted to see what offers he had, and wanted to make the right choice. He said that Campbellsville came up with an offer which combined scholarships for football and academics that pay the majority of his tuition and expenses.


BC Defensive Backs Coach Brian Bivens said that when he first moved to Butler County, everyone kept talking about Clay Embry. Bivens said, "After our first practice, I went to Coach Emmick and said, 'Coach, we have a college football player on our hands.'" Bivens added that Clay has "tremendous God-given ability. He's one of those rare occasions where you have a kid who is really talented but who is still willing to out-work everybody on the field. That's why he's been given this opportunity."

Emmick said that this signing is huge for athletics in the county. He said, "A player, such as Clay, signing with a college brings some visibility to our program. I think we're going to have young men and young women that are in middle and elementary school that look at Clay and say 'Hey, I can go on and do something beyond high school athletics.'" Emmick added that he plans to attend every single game at Campbellsville that he can.

Embry signs his letter of intent

The entire Embry family is excited about Clay's opportunity to play at the next level. "We're very proud of him," said his father Todd, "We're happy that he has found a place close to home so we can go and watch him, and enjoy him play. He's excited to be there and they're excited to have him."

At CU, Clay will concentrate on playing wide receiver. Embry said he is excited about the prospects of being just a wideout. "I think that’s what I’ll be specializing in," said Embry of his prospects at WR. Embry said he chose the school because of it’s close proximity to Butler County and because he liked the feel of the small campus. Asked if playing time had been promised for his freshman year, Embry said, "I wasn’t promised anything, but they said if I could compete I would definitely be a consideration." Embry said he will enroll at the school in August and join the team in late summer to begin practice for the 2012 season.


Joe Morris and Katie Kirby, Beech Tree News



What a great day for Clay and for Butler County Sports. Let's hope our sports programs are around to provide an outlet for our athletes in the future. Best wishes to Clay as he heads to Campbellsville!
We are so proud of you Clay!!!!
Congratulations Clay! I wish you the best at Campbellsville University.
Clay, My husband, Fred, and i are so very proud of you. We wish you the best @ Campbellsville University. CU is an awesome school to further your education and to continue your football career. Many members of our family have graduated from CU. This includes, husband Fred and my oldest niece, Amanda Taylor Johnson who earned one of the largest scholarships ever granted to a high school 4.0 honor graduate. The campus is beautiful and the school spirit is exemplified in the smiles on the students' faces and the pride of the alumni. God bless you! Fred & Phyllis Tate
Clay is an incredible athlete as well as an exceptional person. no one deserves this more! So very proud of all of your accomplishments! I wish you the very best!
Clay is one of the hardest working individuals I have ever had the privilege of coaching. He exemplifies everything you hope to find in a student, athlete, & person! I know he will do great things at the next level! Congrats Clay!!!
Congrats! My family and I are very proud of you. You will see us at some of the games cheering you on.
Congratulations, this goes to show that sports and academics do go together. If it wasn't for his sports he wouldn't have got a scholarship to college!
We are so proud of you Clay! I love that you thanked God and your parents in your speech. You're a smart, talented young man who has a wonderful future ahead of him. God bless you as you start the next stage of your life.
Congrats to Clay and all of his family for this exciting new opportunity. Best of luck as you take your talent to the next level.
Congratulations Clay! We are very happy for you and your good family. Campbellsville has a tradition rich football program that will be made better by your addition. Keep first things first (Mt. 6:33) and work hard. Go Tigers!
Congratulations Clay! You have a wonderful family and I know they are so proud of you!
Congratulations Clay very proud of you, give it your best and you'll be fine.
Congrats Clay on your scholarship! We are very proud of your accomplishments, but most of all, we are proud of the man you are. We love you!

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