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Class of 2014 Awarded $2.5 Million in Scholarships

Mikayla Brown was awarded a $100,000 Navy NJROTC Scholarship to Ole Miss.

The Senior Class of 2014 has been awarded $2,553,725 in scholarships; this is a record amount according to Butler County Counselor Duane Curry. The presentations were made on Thursday night during the honors program at the Butler County High School Auditorium.

National Guard Scholarships
Military scholarships were the largest awards on the evening, the National Guard awarded six scholarships at $91,004 each, one NJROTC scholarship $90,000, and one Army scholarship at $81,300.

Mikayla Brown was awarded a $100,000 Navy NJROTC Scholarship to Ole Miss.
Recipients were:

Laura Baseheart- Owensboro Tech-President’s Scholarship
Logan Belcher- University of N. Western Ohio, Universal Tech Institute, Ohio Tech. College, FORD Asset and Ranken Tech. College Scholarships

Kylia Blunk- Morgantown Bank & Trust, WKU Red Towel, Class of 1964, BRADD, and the Robert Myles Cunningham Scholarships

Mikayla Brown- BRADD, WKU-Spirit Makes the Master, NKU, EKU, NJROTC, and Mississippi University Academic Scholarships

Samantha Camus- BRADD, WKU-Spirit Makes the Master, Belhaven University, EKU, Asbury, WKU-Red Towel, Spalding University, and Robert Myles Cunningham Scholarships
Chad Cardwell- Presidential Scholarship SKYCTC
James Chandler- Art Institution Scholarship

Hadleigh Chapman-Spalding University, King’s College, University of the Cumberlands, WKU, Kings’s College –Presidential, and WKU- W.D. Pegues Scholarships

Lynsie Clark- BRADD, St. Catharine College Athletic, and the Lola Dockery Memorial Scholarships
Isabella Corona- WKU-Spirit Makes the Master Scholarship
Michael Cortez- UK – William C. Parker Scholarship
Sadie Daniel- National Guard Scholarship-EKU

Van Daugherty- Eric Ryan Young Memorial Ag Scholarship
Christopher Decker- Art Institution Scholarship

Katona Dockery- Brescia Trustee, Independent Hardee’s, WKU-s-Stem, and the WKU-Red Towel Scholarships

Tristan Elmore- Robert Myles Cunningham, EKU-Governors Scholar Regents, and the National Merit Scholarships

Zachary Felty- University of Northwestern Ohio, Skills-State USA, and the Lincoln College of Tech Scholarships

Caitlyn Ford- FCCLA Scholarship
Joseph Franzell- Robert Myles Cunningham Scholarship
Katie Graham- WKU-Tom and Susan McReynolds, WKU-Strive for Excellence, and the Gary Force Scholar Athlete Scholarships

Chanda Hampton- UK-GSP, Transy GSP, Uof L GSP, Georgetown GSP, Franklin College, University of the Cumberlands, All A Classic, Georgetown Merit –based, WKU-Regents, and the Murray S.U.-Regents Scholarships

Hayden Hampton- National Guard Scholarship-WKU
Courtney Henderson- Robert Myles Cunningham Scholarship

Emily Hunt- Art Institution Scholarship of Charlotte

Anthony Dakota Ibarra- National Guard and Murray State University Scholarships

Kayley Jarboe- Belhaven University Georgetown University-GSP, Berea College GSP, WKU-GSP, WKU- Regents, MSU-Flener Memorial, and the MSU-GSP Scholarships
Ethan Jenkins- WKU-Tom and Susan McReynolds Scholarship

Trevor Jenkins- Justin Young Engineering, WKU-Tom and Susan McReynolds, and the WKU –Strive for Excellence Scholarships
Mary Johnson- WKU – Tom and Susan McReynolds Scholarship

Ralen Johnson- Centre College Founders, U of L Trustee’s, WKU-Minority, and the V.F.W./Ladies Aux./American Legion Scholarships

Tyler Johnson- BC Daughter of the American Revolution, Ermie Lee Martin, Butler County Farm Bureau, Educational Foundation, Robert Myles Cunningham, and the WKU Regents Scholarship
David Key – Kentucky State University, and the Morehead State University Scholarships
William McCoy- BC Nutrition, and the BRADD Scholarships

Madeline Moore- WKU-Red Towel, Moore-Meredith, UK –Provost, Morgantown Care and Rehab, and the U of L Trustees’ Scholarships
Matthew Moore- Ky School Board Association Scholarship
Lydia Murphy- the Educational Foundation Scholarship
Krystal Neal- Morgantown Care and Rehab Scholarship

Stephen Parker- WKU-Red Towel, and Justin Young Engineering Scholarships
Katelyn Pierson- BRADD Scholarship
Caitlynn Price- National Guard Scholarship -EKU
Vincent Rice- WKU-Spirit Makes the Master, and the MSU –Flener Memorial Scholarships
Danny Richmond- University of North Western Ohio, Universal Tech Institute, Ohio Tech College, FORD Asset, and the Ranken Tech. College Scholarships

Kristen Ritchie- EKU –Presidential Scholarship

Amy Rogers- Lindenwood, Bellarmine University, Campbellsville University, Butler County Homemakers, Female Athlete, and the Artie J. Hankins Scholarships

Allie Romans- FBLA, Ky School Board Association, Brescia Trustee, WKU-Red Towel, and Provo Rural Development Scholarships
Shaedy Scott- National Guard Scholarship-WKU
Tabatha Stratton- BRADD Scholarship

Ashlenn White- WKU-Tom and Susan McReynolds, and the Class of 1956 Scholarships
Sydney Wilson- National Guard-WKU, and WKU-Discretionary Scholarships
Ezekiel Woodcock- WKU-Tom and Susan McReynolds Scholarship
Jonathan Zlater- Army Academic Scholarship

Trevor Jenkins and Stephen Parker received the Eric Young Honary Engineering Scholarships and Van Daugherty received the Eric Young Agr Scholarship.

Several students were awarded scholarships from multiple schools, however they will only receive the money from the school they choose to attend.



WOW!! Congratulations seniors. Your futures look bright.
Congrats Class of 2014 Great Honors for our Grads. Butler County should be very proud.

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