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City of Morgantown Website Makes Debut

The City of Morgantown is pleased to announce the debut of its municipal website! The website will include information for all people, residents and non-residents. The site will be all inclusive providing information on the City History, Forms and Permits, a City Directory, and all events happening inside the City and Park.

We hope to use this new tool to increase communication between the City and its citizens; this can be achieved by using the contact form in the top right corner of the homepage. This form can be used to tell us of your ideas, complaints, or an event that you would like to add to our website.

We encourage everyone to have a look around and provide feedback about the website or about Morgantown. The city of Morgantown would like input from its citizens on how it can better serve them as well as starting a conversation about how we can collectively move our city forward. In addition we will strive to use this as a way of attracting visitors, new residents and businesses to the area by highlighting the many great things about our city.

We also encourage everyone to like us on facebook on our City of Morgantown, KY page!


The City of Morgantown would like to thank Yellowberri for all their hard work in making this website a reality.



Kudos to the folks behind this website for a job well done! It is an asset to our community and showcases what we have have to offer. Thank you!

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