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City Council Talks: Water, lease, mural and new police officer

The Morgantown City Council took the first step in establishing a regional water commission at last night’s meeting.  The commission, under the authority of KRS 74.420,  would govern the Rochester Dam and would be a joint effort between the City of Morgantown, Butler County, and Ohio County to maintain the Rochester Dam and the water supply it creates for the area.  Mayor Linda Keown explained that such a commission could get federal and state grants and low interest loans to maintain the Rochester Dam.  Council member Rick Scott emphasized that surface water is the only source of water for our area, and it is important to protect Green River as the area’s water supply.  The Council approved the 1st reading of an ordinance to create a regional water commission, approved a resolution by Morgantown Utilities favoring the commission, and approved Linda Keown to be a member of the regional water commission.  The projected date for all governmental bodies to create the commission is January 2013.
Dale Willis proposed a change in the lease between the city and his business Pizza Zone that would affect the remaining two years of the current lease.  Willis and the Council discussed an issue of a drop-off outside a rear door, with Willis stating that by code an emergency exit must not have a drop-off.  However, Council members and the Mayor said that they don’t know what the insurance costs will be next year for the building, and Council member Russell Givens moved to table the lease change to get that information; the Council agreed to the postponement.
Josh Hampton of the Hampton Company asked the Council what the status was for his proposal to create a mural in the city.  Keown replied that no buildings were identified where a mural would be created and no costs were known; the consensus of the Council was they would need a formal proposal from the Hampton Company defining those issues before moving forward.
MPD Chief J. R. Wilkins reported the hiring of new police officer Justin Williams, and the tentative academy date for Williams is December 5.  Wilkins also updated that one citizen took advantage of the new MPD program to offer extra patrols while the resident is on vacation; that happened over fall break.
Council member Terrell House reported that the Tyler Street sidewalk project was 95 percent complete.  The Council also approved adding a 105 foot section of sidewalk on the Bruce White property on Tyler Street across from Warren RECC at a cost of $1,730.
Council member Russell Givens reported that bids were coming in for cleanup of the tree line at the Industrial Park; the trees would be cleared and leave only dirt.  Givens said the “future of Morgantown” would be along that corridor of KY 70.
Casey Turci discussed signage and sponsorship of the Disc Golf course at the city park.  Turci suggested that each hole at the course be sponsored for a 1-year term at $200 per year per hole.  Signs for each hole would include a sign for that hole’s sponsor.  Keown suggested a motion, but Council member Scott suggested tabling the motion so that the language, sponsorship fee, and allocation of money from sponsorship could be decided.  Keown left the issue with the Disc Golf Committee to work on those issues.
Council member Givens gave an update on the 231 project, reporting that water lines were being put in with a goal to complete by Christmas; dirt work is scheduled to follow water line completion.
 Story by Don Thomason, Beech Tree News/WLBQ1570



The new sidewalks look great. I wish they were in front of my house.

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