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Christmas at Andrea's Mission

Approximately 12 ladies of Cool Springs Church came on November 30th and decorated the whole house including bringing a Christmas tree and decorating it with the ladies. They also made six different kinds of confections, cookies and snacks with the girls, teaching them how to bake these items.  They baked six plastic tubs of goodies that they left there for the ladies to enjoy over the holidays. 
Different groups and individuals came bearing gifts for the women, their children, and items for the house itself.  First Baptist Church and Cool Springs Church Ladies' Classes each bought a new microwave oven for the kitchen (one had to be returned). Helen McCoy bought a new coffee maker.  Cool Springs also took the girls shopping and gave them the money to purchase gifts for their children. 
Shannon & Gregg Drake and daughter of Little Muddy Rural Development Center brought gifts for every one of the children.  A member of the AA Group in Morgantown brought toys and clothes. 
Michelle and Mallory Franzell brought each lady a bag of Avon Beauty products. Jennifer Steele of Russellville brought a "31 bag" for each resident. Jackie Evans came and made candy with the ladies to take home to their children. Wanda Parker donated stamps and Christmas Cards for each lady to send to their families and friends.  Kathy Thomason gave bags of materials to use to make jewelry and crafts.
Linda Hawkins brought each lady a copy of the book she published "Why Stars are in the Sky" to give to their children. Linda also delivered an inspirational message to them that day.
The "12 days of Christmas" was given by Diana Flener.  She designed and constructed eight of each gift with the girls names personalized on each item and 12 days before Christmas, the daily gift giving began and reaching a final gift on the 25th of a Christmas stocking filled with beauty products for each gal.  They were so happy with all of their gifts.
Many of the regular contributors doubled or increased their contributions during the month of December.  The community responded to the needs of Andrea's Mission in the true spirit of Christmas.
The women from Andrea's Mission have been crocheting mats for the homeless out of plastic grocery bags.  They volunteer and help Gary McKinney at the Morgantown Mission whenever he needs them.  They attend church at Cool Springs General Baptist on Sunday morning and the Celebrate Recovery Classes.  Two of the girls have found jobs in the community.
We want to say "Thank You" for each and every act of kindness expressed to the residents, staff and the board of Andrea's Mission and PWC.  There was so much done, we hope we did not leave anyone out.
 Continue to pray for us as we attempt to reunite these women with their children and families.



Thank u Morgantown!!! I miss you all terribly and appreciate the Andreas mission more than you know! Much love

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