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Christine Bratcher: Creating stitch at a time

During the first week of the year I tried to do a little bit of all the things I would like to do in the New Year.  I wrote birthdays and appointments on the new calendars, one for my purse, kitchen, bedroom and sewing room; visited dear friends I hadn’t spent time with in a while and brought them some cookies I had made from scratch; paid some bills; wrote letters to distant friends; had “tea” with another dear friend; then on Saturday morning, in the warm sunshine, I sat on the long porch and listened to someone’s beagles sound off.  As I sat there, not moving, the pair of beagles came into sight, noses to the ground. They ignored me, circled the yard several times, then gave voice and took off toward the north pond and Ragland’s and Norris’.  Just before they got to the pond I saw an old coyote walk carefully in the opposite direction. He looked back occasionally, and was about 20 feet upwind of where the beagles had been. As the beagles’ voices faded the coyote turned and walked steadily to the south.  I still sat quietly, enjoying this glimpse of nature.

The Knitters and Crocheters are meeting again, 11 am at the Butler County Library.  I am eager to see what book, new yarn or new gadgets everyone got for Christmas, and how their friends and family members liked the things they made for them.  I got two new books, one about knitting vests with beautiful details and one about making cards (something new I am doing). I think everyone liked what I made, especially the fingerless gloves, they are so handy. I have an amigurami monkey to finish, then baby blankets for some 2019 babies.  So come see us, and try something new.


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