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Christine Bratcher: Creating Blessings, One Stitch At A Time

In late September my mother (in Michigan) asked if she could make pumpkin hats to add to what our group takes to the Medical Center for the newborns.

Well, I really didn’t know what a pumpkin hat was, but the orange hats with green leaves on top were adorable. Some even had jack o’lantern faces. They were wonderful.  Pat Pagel, Gladys Brooks, Linda Pendley, Kathy Vernon, Marlene Jasmine, Jonell Johnson, Betty Webster, Mary Gray and Christine Bratcher made hats or leaves. I delivered 43 orange hats and over 20 various colored hats to the newborn section just before Halloween.  I am sure the Halloween babies looked wonderful. 

If a mother who gets one of our hats would take a picture of her baby wearing the hat and email it to me, I sure would appreciate it.  Making hats like this is so much fun. We are still working on hats, ear-warmers, and scarves for the Child and Family Resource Center and we are making Christmas- colored hats for the newborns. Kathy Vernon shared two of the cutest crochet hat patterns too.  The Festival of Trees starts Dec 2nd, so most of our hats and scarves will be done then. The baby hats should be finished by Dec. 11th. We will have our Christmas potluck lunch that day and start our holiday break.  If you knit or crochet, we would love to have your help. You can drop hats off anytime at the library, or stop in and visit us any Monday at 11 am in the meeting room of the Butler County Library.

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. I don’t like it when I hear it called “turkey day”. We aren’t celebrating turkeys, you turkey! (I would like to say that to someone when they say it, but I don’t). Thanksgiving means so much to me and it should to all of us.  I am so blessed to have my family and my husband, but the friends I have made from the library, knitting group, Barbara Blanton’s art class, church and my neighbors are so dear to me I know I am truly blessed. 

I pray everyone feels the warmth of being someone’s blessing this coming Thanksgiving Day.


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