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Christ Covenant Church

 Bro. Woody Moore, founding Pastor of Christ Covenant Church

On a humid mid-June Sunday morning, songs of praise could be heard echoing across the farm bottoms of the Green River.  Those melodies were resounding from a small cabin atop a hill that overlooked a lake in Woodbury, Ky.  Not the typical setting for Sunday morning worship service these days.  Nevertheless, this was a special day for a few of us who had endeavored to begin a new chapter in our lives and in the history of Butler County.

So were the beginnings of Christ Covenant Church, with Bro. Woody Moore, founding Pastor, his wife Margaret Hammers Moore, and a number of fellow believers.  

 Christ Covenant Church was quickly off the ground and running, numbering approximately thirty charter members.


Still yet, within weeks it was becoming apparent that soon we would need a larger place to meet.  Thus, Pastor Woody, along with the congregation began praying for a new place to worship.  Almost immediately we saw our prayers being answered.  We could see God laying the groundwork for us to rent the building we are currently occupying.  Christ Covenant Church now meets in what was formerly known as the Butler County Extension Service offices (also the temporary home for City hall as it was undergoing renovations) on 113 East GL Smith Street.

The congregation of the church worked diligently to ready the building so that we could open our doors on September 6, 2020.  Everyone pitched in and did whatever needed to be done.  We have a congregation of people with many talents and expertise and were able to get the building in tip top shape in no time.  There were groups of people doing jobs like; building a stage, painting, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning the kitchen, stripping and waxing floors, laying new vinyl floor tiles, replacing ceiling tiles, repairing plumbing, steam cleaning chairs for the 95-100 seat sanctuary,  readying Sunday school rooms, painting exterior siding/awnings/gutters/and window trim, and setting up sound and video for worship services. You name it, and someone had the know how to complete the job. 


At Christ Covenant Church we have many families who volunteer their time and talents to create a growing, thriving, church.  Scotty and Kasey Embry Inman is one such family. Scotty and Kasey are the worship leaders at CCC and spend countless hours of their time preparing for worship on Sunday morning.  Families also take turns each week cleaning the church, and we also have volunteers to teach our Sunday school classes each week.  

Many have asked, “Why start a new church?”  Pastor Woody asked himself this same question for many months before finally giving into the strong urging of the Lord to move ahead with this calling.  He believed and believes that, “If the Lord was/is leading us down this path, He will see to its success and effectiveness in this community.”   

Pastor Woody wants those who are seeking a home church to understand our purpose at Christ Covenant Church.  He says, “My goal and our desire at Christ Covenant, as our mission statement says, is to bring glory to the God of creation, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Savior of all of those who will by faith place their trust in Him.

Our desire is to preach, teach, and stand on the infallible Word of God in a world that appears to be in rejection of biblical truth.

We are a body of very imperfect people who are saved by a perfect, holy, and righteous God. We believe that God’s desire is for you to know Him through a personal relationship with His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. It is our desire to be a body of believers who settle for nothing less than to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love our neighbors as ourselves.”

We would like to formally invite you to come and be a part of our fellowship. We meet at 9 AM on Sunday mornings for Sunday school and then Worship at 10 AM, and then at 7 PM on Wednesday nights we meet for bible study and a time of prayer. Our church is located at 113 E GL Smith St., Morgantown, KY. Everyone is welcome, and we would love to see you soon. You can also go to our web page at to get information as well.  

 Article by Carmen Flener

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