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Chamber of Commerce reports monetary "inconsistencies" in bank accounts; MPD investigating, Arrest made

In a letter to its members, the Morgantown-Butler County Chamber of Commerce on December 22, 2016, is reporting that "on December 20, 2016 certain inconsistencies were discovered in our accounts" and that consequently the employee in question has been terminated from the Chamber.  The letter was written by James Runion,  as president of the Morgantown-Butler County Chamber of Commerce,  and on behalf of the Chamber Board of Directors.

"As a Chamber of Commerce, it is our duty to protect and promote the interests of the businesses of our community … and we take this role with the utmost seriousness," said Runion.  "As a member, you are entitled to knowledge of our procedures and happenings that affect our operations." 

Although the letter did not provide specific examples of alleged wrongdoing, it indicated that financial discrepancies were found in some accounts.

  "Upon review of these monetary inconsistencies, it was discovered that a certain amount of our financing did not reconcile with the information supplied to our board at our last regular meeting of the Chamber board," the letter stated.   

According to the letter, the Chamber is "fully cooperating with the Morgantown Police Department while this investigation is underway to discover the full extent of the damages caused and the charges to be filled." 

Annette Jared was arrested on Friday, May 5, 2017 and lodged in the Butler County Jail.  She is charged with theft by unlawful taking and disposition over $500 but under $10,000, and unlawful access to computer-1st degree.

The Chamber board, according to the statement, acknowledged the "seriousness of this occurrence" and pledged to "proceed with the proper due diligence to review our procedures and practices to ensure that the opportunity of this occurring again does not repeat itself." 

The Morgantown-Butler County Chamber of Commerce is an organization comprised of local businesses, industrial corporations, as well as civic and community organizations and leaders.  The Chamber organizes and sponsors several community events, including Spring Fling, the Green River Catfish Festival, Harvest on the Square, and the Christmas Parade. 






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