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Candidates invited to address BTN readers

With the filing deadline now past for the primary election in May, Beech Tree News invites candidates to address its readers.  Specifically, candidates may submit an article about themselves, their reasons for running, and why voters should vote for them.  Candidates may also submit a photo to be used with the article, which will be posted on Beech Tree News in the order they are received.  There are no restrictions on the length of the article, though 300-400 words are typically the best-read pieces.  This article may not be used to attack other candidates.  An original article is requested, not one that has already been published locally.  

"We hope candidates will take advantage of this valuable opportunity to reach the most-informed readers in Butler County," said John Embry, vice-president and editor of Beech Tree News.  "Choosing political leaders for our community is an important task and we want to facilitate that process."   

To take part in this free candidate profile, submit your article and photo to [email protected].  Make sure the article is in a Word document format (or equivalent) or included in the body of the email.  Photos need to be sent in JPG format.  Put "Candidate Profile" in the subject area.  Articles must be received no later than April 30, 2014.  For information about advertising on Beech Tree News, contact Diane Dyer at 270-999-0822, John Embry at 270-526-7945, or by email at [email protected].  

Candidates running for non-partisan offices in the November General Election will be given the same opportunity following the August filing deadline for those races.       


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