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Butler County Students Named to WKU Dean's /President's List

The names of the Western Kentucky University students who were named to the Dean's and President's List for the Fall 2012 semester have been released.
These lists are open to undergraduate students who have at least 12 hours of coursework for the semester with no incomplete grades. Students making the Dean's List have a grade-point average of 3.4 to 3.79 in a 4.0 scale. Students on the President's List have GPAs of 3.8 to 4.0 and are indicated by an asterisk (*). Students who have requested that their information be confidential in TopNet will not be listed.


Hannah L. Embry Morgantown

Casie B. House, Morgantown

Whitney M. Vincent, Morgantown

*Steven P. Pape, Morgantown

Paige A. Embry, Morgantown

*Kristen A. Hughson, Morgantown

*Rachelle E. Brosnan, Morgantown

Brittany N. Evans, Morgantown

*Jordan L. Evans, Morgantown

Silas J. Arnold, Morgantown

*Chelsea R. Tutko, Morgantown,

*Tori L. Cardwell, Morgantown

Tyler D. Rhoades, Morgantown

Megan L. Crafton, Morgantown

*Cade A. Snodgrass, Morgantown

*Brittany N. Brooks, Morgantown

*Kelsey J. Stinson, Morgantown

Casey N. Porter, Morgantown

Randall C. Tynes, Morgantown

Sara K. Cardwell, Morgantown

Joshua G. Vincent, Rochester

Timothy A. Carroll, Rochester

*Nathan C. Belcher, Roundhill

Caitlyn L. Clark, Roundhill

John C. Martin, Woodbury

Jacob P. Smithson, Jetson

*Myron T. Price, Lewisburg

*Elizabeth A. Jenkins, Quality

*Adair D. Schwartz, Lewisburg

*Kaylyn G. McKinney, Lewisburg

Joseph D. Laster, Lewisburg

Kayla R. Jones, Lewisburg

Julie L. Fleming, Lewisburg

Justin S. Tyree, Lewisburg

Douglas L. Harris, Lewisburg

Roger I. Key, Lewisburg

Jacob N. Hopkins, Lewisburg

*Justin F. Hopkins, Lewisburg

*Timothy G. Moye, Lewisburg

Chelsea D. Gibbs, Lewisburg

*Evan M. Harris, Lewisburg

Jennifer E. Gibbs, Lewisburg



Way to go Chelsea Renea Tutko!!! I am so proud of you~~
Good job Tori Cardwell! We are so proud of you & all you have accomplished in 3 years Keep it up! From Aunt Pam & Granny
Good Job Tori Cardwell! We are so proud of you & all you have accomplished! Granny & Aunt Pam

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