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Butler County Schools Prepare for August 7th Opening

Supt. Scott Howard

Hello to all Butler County Schools Stakeholders,

With the winter that we all had to endure last year, our summer break was somewhat shorter than it has been in recent years.  With that being said, the next three weeks will pass rather quickly and opening day will soon be here.  I hope everyone has had a wonderful and safer summer break.  I would like to send praise to all of our custodians and maintenance staff members.  They continue to do a great job with each of the buildings, making sure they are spotless when our kids come through the front doors.  Our bus driver trainers have been very busy in the last few weeks.  Along with our bus mechanics, they will make sure our transportation department is ready to roll.

As many of you know, our district was named a High Progressing District and a Proficient District by the Kentucky Department of Education.  This is a direct reflection on each faculty and staff member at each school.  They are committed to helping each child succeed and become prepared for the next phase of their lives.  The summer break is a very busy time for teachers.  They have received training in many areas.  They have attended sessions dealing with the new evaluation system that will be used this year in all school districts.  The Professional Growth and Effectiveness System will be a major change to the evaluation process of educators.  Teachers have also received training in Literacy, Common Core Standards, Positive Behavior, Technology, and several other topics.

One of the trainings that a group of educators from our district attended was called the S.T.O.P. Tip Line.  This will be an anonymous tip line that parents, guardians, and students will be able to access.  We are excited that this will be offered in Butler County.  This will help us identify things like harassment, bullying, and dangerous behaviors.  We hope to have all necessary information ready for parents and students when school begins.

We will have opening day for all of our staff on August 6th at Butler County High School.  Our cafeteria staff will prepare a wonderful breakfast before we begin our meeting.  I would like to say thank you to all of our cafeteria staff.
I hope you will continue to stay involved in all aspects of your children’s education.  It is more important now than it has ever been that students have great attendance, graduate and receive their diploma.  If you have the time, please visit each school and talk with the administrators and teachers.  We would love for you to eat breakfast or lunch while you visit the school.  If I or anyone at the central office can do anything for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  I am very excited about the new school year because students are going to have some great opportunities.  With all of us working together, we will continue to move Butler County Schools toward the best in the state!

Take Care,

Scott Howard, Superintendent
Butler County Schools

Our Purpose:
It is our belief that we must build relationships to have a successful learning community.  We strive to build relationships around commitment, high expectations and modeled behavior.  We must partner with our families and the community to help our students be responsible, and empower them to be successful local and global citizens.  As a learning community, we support those practices which develop character and 21st Century skills for our students and staff.  It is our belief a quality education is one in which students are offered diverse and rigorous courses enabling them to grow and attain skills for independence. Student advocacy and engagement along with open communication and support structures are a continual priority. 



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