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Butler County School District releases Covid numbers

With one month of partial in-person instruction in the books, the Butler County School District has released information pertaining to positive Covid-19 cases involving staff and students.  According to Superintendent Robert Tuck, the district currently has two teachers and eleven students who have tested positive for Covid-19.  Based on contact tracing requirements, seven teachers/staff members are in quarantine.  Supt.Tuck stated that only one positive teacher case can be traced back to a school-related positive as they share the same room and all close contacts have occurred outside of school - either in the home or a public setting.  Three of the eleven students will be finished with quarantine at the end of this week.  All students who have tested positive have been exposed outside of the school district, according to Supt. Tuck.  

Other student data shows that five positives were on B-days, four were online only, and two were in Head Start.  Of those students who are in quarantine, four were on A-day schedule, one on B-day; one in dual enrollment, and one online.    

“Since returning to school we have had 16 total cases and all were exposed outside of the school system.  This includes current positive cases,” said Tuck.  “We have had 30 students total in self quarantine/self isolation and only one close contact can be traced back to the school system from a student/teacher working together in a special education setting.”   

Supt. Tuck appeared on WLBQ’s Out On A Limb program on Thursday morning and provided detailed information about how the district is handling Covid cases, the district’s light system and how it compares to the state, and other data pertaining to the school’s efforts to continue instruction amidst a pandemic.  That show can be accessed through the WLBQ Facebook page.   Parents and community members can also visit the Butler County School District's website ( to access up-to-date information about school and Covid-19.


“The Butler County School System is committed to transparency and will continue to inform our community of positive results,” said Tuck. 


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