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Butler County Retired Teachers

Becky Hankins, Lydia Wilcox, and Kathy McKee

The Butler County Retired Teachers Association met on June 10, 2024 at the Mike Truelove Educational Complex.  President Leanne Daugherty called the meeting to order followed by the Pledge to the US Flag led by Debbie Givens and the invocation by Rebecca Rose.

Scholarship Winner, Lydia Wilcox, was present and was recognized for receiving the Association’s Teacher Scholarship.  Lydia plans to attend Eastern Kentucky University and become a chemistry teacher.

New Retirees were announced and recognized:  

-Tonya Hampton, Morgantown Elementary

-Michelle Fields, North Butler Elementary

-Sandra Crowder, North Butler Elementary

-Kimberlea Embry, Butler County High 

The minutes and treasurer’s report from the March meeting were presented and approved.

Old Business:

-Kay Hampton and Leanne Daugherty attended the KRTA Convention held in Louisville, KY on April 22 and 23, 2024.  Our local organization received the “M.L. Archer Membership Award” and the “Yes We Did Award.”  Our local organization also received the “Gold Certificate of Achievement” for reaching KRTA Goals and Objectives for the year.  Heather French Henry, wife of former Lieutenant Governor Steve Henry was keynote speaker.  

Committee Reports:

-Darlene Scott gave an update on the local membership along with membership benefits to date.

-Rebecca Rose had no new updates to present on Legislative Priorities.

-Rebecca Rose reminded everyone that July 1st is the deadline to complete the Living Well Promise in Castlight for those who are insured under the age 65.


New Business:

-President Leanne Daugherty on the recent Third District Retired Teachers Association Meeting provided a report.  Janet Gill, past Kentucky Volunteer of Year, spoke.  The District/State winner of the Grandparents Essay spoke.  The Third District Association received a Silver Award this year from State.  Cathy Howard Owen from Monroe County was named the Third District Volunteer of the Year.  

-Meeting Dates for the 2024-2025 were set.  All meetings will held at 1:00 pm.

-September 16, 2024

-December 9, 2024

-March 10, 2025

-June 9, 2025

-PattyCraig presented new Officers for the 2024-2025.

-President:  Leanne Daugherty

-Vice President:  Ben Annis

-Secretary/Treasurer:  Barbara Sullivan

-Membership:  Darlene Scott

-Legislative :  Vacant

-Community Outreach:  Linda Martin

-Health/Insurance 65+:  Kay Hampton

-Health/Insurance under 65:  Rebecca Rose

-Scholarship Committee:  Becky Hankins, Diane Dyer, and Kathy McKee


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