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Butler County Recycling - keeping our community clean!

By now most people have seen the recycling bins at several different locations in our county. These bins are regularly emptied and maintained by Corey Raymer and his two part-time workers Linda Howard and Carlos Raymer. 

       The recycling facility itself is kept clean on a daily basis.  Visitors may expect an odor in the recycling center, but there is none whatsoever. All the recycled materials are neatly stacked in bales as other materials were stacked tidily against the wall awaiting their turn to be crushed in the balers.  The floor was swept and free of debris as well.

     The center is striving to become completely self -sufficient. Money earned from selling the recycled materials in conjunction with grants sponsored from the Kentucky Pride Program is helping the center achieve that goal all while providing an excellent recycling service for the county. Currently year to date, based on selling recycled product alone, the center has received $9,076.50 and still has an approximate inventory of 42,000 pounds to be sold. Emptying the bins is a constant process. Thousands of pounds of cardboard and paper make their way through the recycling center each month along with hundreds of pounds of steel. Over the last eight years, Butler County has received over one million dollars in grant money through recycling and solid waste programs.  Please note the money came from grant money set aside by the state of Kentucky specifically for these types of programs.  If interested in these programs, information is available on their site at

Most people do not realize that not only is Corey and his team responsible for the recycling center, they are also responsible for removing solid waste from our county.  For example, couches dumped in cemeteries, mattresses seen on the side of the roads, tires, basically anything that someone has dumped illegally in the county.   Also, the Butler County Recycling Center has been very active in cleaning up illegal open dumps. Currently, they have cleaned up three illegal open dumps in our county to date.
     Not only are the recycling bins getting adults to participate in recycling, but Corey is also working to help children in the community understand the importance of recycling as well. The recycling center has created an educational program that allows students to tour the recycling facility and they are given paper and pencils that are made from recycled material to take back with them.  By educating children early on the importance of recycling and eliminating waste, they are more apt to be conscious of its importance when they become adults.

Also on site at the Butler County Recycling Center is a receptacle for American Flags that are in need of being retired.  The flags can be brought to the center and put into the container where they will then be sent to be properly retired.   Corey has also given one of these receptacles to the local VFW for use.
Please be respectful of the bins you see throughout the county.  These bins are not intended for bags of trash.  These are strictly for papers, cardboard, and metals.  Please have your items already separated out and put them in the proper areas of the bins.
The Butler County Recycling Center would like to extend a special thank you to Judy Ingram of JSJ Trucking for her kindness and love of Butler County. She regularly donates a truck, trailer, and driver to transport their recycled items.  This act saves the center an average haul bill of $600 every time she does this and it is greatly appreciated. 

Below are the current locations of the recycling bins if you would like to drop off your pre-sorted recyclable materials:

Morgantown Fire Department / Courthouse
Jumping Jacks 231 South
Morgantown Elementary School
North Butler Elementary School
Butler County Middle School
Little Muddy Church / Rural Development Center
Provo Rural Development Center
Rochester Post Office
Cool Springs Church
Sugar Grove Church
Drake’s Farm Service
Corvac Composites
Casco Products Corporation
Advanced Auto Parts
Rite Aide
Quality Supply
Baker’s General Store
Don Lindsey’s Grocery




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