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Butler County Piecemakers Quilts of Valor

As part of the Butler County Chapter NSDAR's Memorial Day Program the Butler County Piecemakers presented 15 Quilts of Valor.

The Butler County Piecemakers started with Darlene Scott who wanted to honor her father a WWII Veteran, later Jennifer Odle joined her to honor her brother Larry Jones an Army retiree.

"Along the way others have helped in numerous ways.  Some sew the kits that Darlene puts together, some donate monetarily, (they operate on donations only) and others open their homes for us to join together and sew," said Odle.

The ones that have helped this year are Sue Abbott, Ann Bartholew, Tammy Plamp, Kay Hampton, Shirley Hampton, Tracy Thronton, and the Midway Homemakers.  The following deserving veterans recieved Quilts of Valor:

1. Roger O. Teague - United States Army - Vietnam (unable to attend)

2. Herschel Carmen House - USMC 

3. Bobby Hooten - US Army

4. Terry Southerland - USAF - Vietnam

5. David C. Daugherty Sr. - USMC - US Drum Bugle Core

6. Ronnie Wayne Givens - US Army - Green Beret 

7. Jerermy C. Barks - USMC - Iraq

8. George Troutman - US Army ( accepted by his daughter)

9. Eric Shane Hixenbaugh - US Army 

10. Gerald "Jerry" Givens - US Navy - Aviation Ordinance (unable to attend)

11. Bobby Darrell Gaskey - USMC - Vietnam

12. Perry G. Shain - US Army

13. William Lewis Shrum - US Navy - Vietnam 2 tours 

14. John Michael Thronton - US Army

15. Vivin Dale Brooks - USAF - Vietnam and Thailand


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