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Butler County Middle School Archers win again

BCMS Head Coach Wes Jones and Assistant Coach Jesse Hudson were rewarded with another first-place finish in the Middle School Division at the Russellville Tournament on Saturday. The middle school team scored 3209 points, not their best, but good enough to win. The coaches had a very long day with over twenty teams competing.

Archers can use the same compound bow from 4th grade to high school graduation. The maximum pull for the bow is twenty pounds.

Top Middle School Shooter

279 Grant Jones


Middle School Female 7th grade

271 Addison Henderson 1st place

269 Emily Cunningham 2nd place

268 Kaitlyn Franzell 3rd place

Middle School Male 8th grade

274 Brodie Vinson 1st place

Evelyn Burdette won 1st place over elementary girls

Archery practice will continue over the holidays

Butler County High School also went to the Tournament in Henderson County and brought home the first-place trophy.


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