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Butler County DAR On The Move

Butler County Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution held a Genealogy Workshop, at no charge, on Saturday, May 31, 2014 at the Butler County Public Library.  Linda Deweese, BCNSDAR Registrar worked with Myra Evans, KSDAR Registrar, in arranging the half day program. The workshop was open to public and DAR members. Participants, loaded down with family genealogy, lap tops and questions, began to arrive before 8:45 to register. Members of DAR Chapters, Butler County, Salt River, Grayson Springs, Samuel Davies and Green River society attended. With DAR members and non members we had 18 in attendance. We started at 9:00 with Welcome from Jane Eaton-Henderson, Regent of BCNSDAR.  It was then turned over to Myra Evans whose interest and enthusiasm for genealogy was apparent from the start.  We learned, through her sharing of stories, of the many things that can stop our search of a patriot and how to overcome those obstacles. After a fifteen minute break, Billye D. Jackson, registrar for the Salt River Chapter, like Myra, related genealogy tales making dry records enjoyable. It is so easy to get caught up in the search that we sometimes lose the prize. Questions asked seemed to be on everyone’s list and we went away excited to get started with answers, new  guidelines and a fresh new way to chase down that elusive ancestor. After the workshop the Butler County chapter treated Myra and Billye to lunch at Little Tokyo.

The Workshop was such a success we went overtime and decided we needed to have one in the fall. This will be called “Tea and Sympathy” because interested parties will again pack up their genealogy and laptops for session of questions and answers, or suggestions, given with understanding and sympathy only another person bitten by the genealogy bug would understand. Watch for announcements come Fall.

We joined with Memorial Day program hosts this year VFW post 5837 and Green River Society in honoring our veterans on May 28, 2014. At this time BCNSDAR announced that we had partnered with the Department of Defense in Vietnam 50 Commemorative Anniversary honoring all veterans during the Vietnam era and their families from 2014-2017. We will be having 2 or more programs a year honoring these brave men and women and thanking them for their service.

If you are a Vietnam Veteran, wife of POW, MIA or family of  veterans who have passed or no longer reside in Butler County please contact Lois Russ at 270-526-5290.

Please plan to attend Saturday, June 14 at 10:00am in the Courthouse Yard BCNSDAR Flag Day program put on by Lois Russ, Flag Chairman.

If you are interested in learning more about the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution any member of the Butler County Chapter would be glad to help. Come to a meeting, our next will be August 22.

Contact Jane Eaton-Henderson, Regent   270-791-6312 or Linda Deweese, Registrar 270 999-2002 for more information.


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