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Butler County DAR Celebrates Flag Day

National Flag Day was celebrated on Saturday June 14th, 2014 on the courthouse lawn beginning at 10AM. The event was  presented by the Butler County Chapter National Society of Daughter of the American Revolution.

Opening statements were given by Jane Henderson. This year, Flag Day falls on the 200th birthday of the Star Spangled Banner. She thanked all the guests for attending. She discussed the long standing tradition of honoring the American flag and the numerous things it is intended to represent.

The guests were asked to stand for the pledge of allegiance led by Lois Russ. Everyone remained standing for the singing of the national anthem led by Doug Odle.

Doug Odle

Peggy Drake

Peggy Drake led a short prayer dedicated to the flag, and servicemen and women who have served and currently serve the country.

Lois Russ gave a spirited talk about the history of the flag. She told stories of a flag that was recovered from the 9/11 attacks and how it was never washed or repaired so that it may serve as a reminder of the sacrifices and freedoms that some take for granted.

Lois Russ

Informally known by her associates as the "Flag Police" Russ also highlighted the appropriate ways to salute for the presentation of colors, the pledge, and the national anthem. She also reminded everyone that a flag pendant is to be worn in direct alignment with the heart, and no other pendants or decorative articles are to be worn above it.

Jane Henderson gave closing remarks, once again thanking the guests for attending. 


Photos and story by Jeremy Hack, Beech Tree News


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