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Butler County Chapter NSDAR 2019 Silver Tea

The Butler County Chapter NSDAR held their annual Silver Awards Tea on Tuesday, April 30 at the Butler County Education Complex. Many parents and other relatives came to see the students recognized for their achievements. The program began with a welcome from Chapter Regent Jane Smith and devotional by Chaplain Peggy Drake. The pledge to the flag was then led by Flag chair Lynda O’Driscoll. 

The awards were then presented to those students who were there. Laura Crafton also received the Thatcher Award, an award presented to adults for their service to the JAC Committee. Finally refreshments were served to those in attendance.

2019 Awards

Butler County Spelling Bee Winner         

Brady Jones, BCMS
BCMS Citizenship
     6th grade Shelby Daugherty  
     7th grade Kierra Flener  
     8th grade Bracey West  
Junior American Citizen, JAC
Poster                                              KSDAR
 Gr 1   Brady Crafton                         1st place
 Gr 1   Nataly Dela Rosa Rojas            1st
 Gr 2   Brinkley Baker                         1st
 Gr 2   Laney Hampton                      3rd
 Gr 2   Briella Fields                           1st
 Gr 3   Kyleigh Brocher                      3rd
 Gr 3   Trinity McCardle         
 Gr 3   Faith Shepherd                     2nd
 Gr 4   Konnor Hudson                     2nd
 Gr 4   Sam Hyatt                              3rd
 Gr 4   Izak Givens                             2nd
 Gr 5   Izabelle Hatcher                     1st
 Gr 5   Alex Y Domingo Velasquez 
 Gr 5   Ann Marie Skaggs                  3rd                              
 Gr 1   Noah Bratcher                         2nd
 Gr 1   El Cardona Ordonez               3rd
 Gr 1   Kaley Stevens                          3rd
 Gr 2   Bailey McBee                          2nd
 Gr 2   Cloey Burden                           HM
 Gr 2   Carme Mendoza-Alonzo        1st
 Gr 2   Alex Tomas
 Gr 3   Matea Ramos-Perez              1st
 Gr 3   Ethyn Gill                                 2nd
 Gr 3   Tayli Richardson                     2nd
 Gr 4   Lincoln Shumay                      1st
 Gr 4   Petrona Nicolas Santiago      HM
 Gr 4   Reece Ingram                          2nd
 Gr 4   Lillian Jones
 Gr 5   Miles Embry                            3rd
 Gr 5   Eli Ellis
 Gr 5   Curtis Murphy                         2nd
Outstanding American History Student
BCHS Senior Alex Rich
Ione Duke Scholarship                                         
Senior Faith Morris
BCHS Senior Randi Cline
Ermie Lee Martin Scholarship  (not pictured)                   
Senior Samantha Wood; Omaha Nebraska
BCDAR Good Citizen         
BCHS Senior Natalie Suoy
Thatcher Award                   
Laura Crafton

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