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Butler County Cancer Assistance Night

Butler County Cancer Assistance held their Annual Cancer Awareness night at the Boy/Girl doubleheader against Trinity High School.  Shirts were on sale, the ballplayers, cheerleaders, and fans showed their support with pink attire. 

Auctioneer Bruce White, of White Realty & Auction, auctioned two University of Kentucky vs. Kanasa basketball tickets to raise money for Butler County Cancer Assistance.  Doug Benefield purchased the UK tickets for $650.00.

Bruce White

Jenny Winchel shared her story of how cancer has affected her family...

"I am speaking on behalf of my family and my sister Jody Mullins who lost her 20 month battle with colon cancer on July 7, 2018, and my dad, Jerry Winchel, who lost his four year battle with lung cancer August 30, 2018, six short weeks after my sister passed away.  As you all know when cancer strikes a family, everyone suffers.  Cancer affected Jody and Daddy’s physical health, but it also brought up a wide range of feelings and emotions that we as a family was not used to dealing with.  We were in denial of the disease, full of fear, stressed, anxious, sad, depressed, overwhelmed, and guilty as we watched Jody and Daddy deteriorate physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually on a daily basis.  They experienced fatigue, pain, nausea, and needed help with the basic activities of daily living.  We were hoping against all the odds and focused our time and attention on caring for Jody and Daddy.  But, in reality when you have two family members battling cancer at the same time it’s overwhelming, coping was difficult, stress was high.  We were angry at the loss of normalcy our family once knew.  So, at this time I want to thank Richie Bratcher and the Butler County Cancer Assistance Program for the help, support, prayers, and encouragement that was shown to my family while Daddy and Jody battled through their journey with cancer.  Our BC Assistance Program not only helped monetarily but also relieved some of the anxiety that we faced when hospital bills bombarded us, multiple overnight hospitals stay, numerous trips to the doctor in Nashville and Bowling Green for treatments, and many days Daddy and Jody had appointments and procedures on the same days.  Our BC Cancer Assistance made it simple to receive help.  We were humbled by the generosity and speediness when our BC Cancer Assistance offered gas cards and gift cards for travel, food, and medications.  They would have purchased Jody a wig had Jody wanted one.  May Richie and each volunteer of our BC Cancer Assistance Program feel peace in your heart by knowing you are doing good for others and our community.  We looked toward our BC Cancer Assistance Program as my family went through this battle with Jody and Daddy at the same time and we were not disappointed.  Please everyone if you feel it in your heart, continue to support our BC Cancer Assistance Program as my family will.  If there’s one thing that came out of taking care of Daddy and Jody, it’s that I’ve learned what’s important fast.  Thank you."

Butler County Cancer Assistance's mission is to assist cancer patients in Butler County. They are all volunteers, and 100 percent of the money stays in Butler County and is used to help cancer patients with medicine, utilities, gas cards, etc.


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