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Butler County Board Member Debbie Hammers Advances in KSBA Professional Development Training

Supt. Robert Tuck and Board member Debbie Hammers

School Board member Debbie Hammers was recognized Tuesday, February 9th, 2021 at the Butler County monthly board meeting for achieving the Kentucky School Boards Association (KSBA) Level V advanced training in school leadership.  According to Laura Cole, Director of Board Team Development for KSBA, "Ms. Hammers has achieved KSBA's highest level of individual recognition and taken another step in a very important journey that will benefit the students in your district for years to come".

Kentucky law mandates varying hours of training based on each board member's years of service. The lower levels of KSBA's Academy of Studies include courses such as the basics of board's role, school finance, superintendent evaluations, and facilities planning. As a board member advances in the certification process, the course become more specific to issues, such as evaluating the board's own effectiveness, doing advanced budget planning, becoming better advocates for children, grasping the board's responsibilities in school, and student assessment and accountability.

Superintendent Robert Tuck commended Board Member Hammers  for  her commitment  for bettering our school district and community. "This is not  an easy task to  achieve.  This requires a board member to commit to over 100 hours of training in various fields of study associated with school districts. By achieving Level V status, Board Member Hammers has exemplified her personal commitment in supporting, advocating, and leading education in Butler County.  She truly understands that schools are a critical lifeline in building a strong community."

"On behalf of the association, and Kentucky's 862 locally elected school board members, we are grateful to these individuals for  their substantial investments of time and attention in achieving Academy  of Studies certification," said KSBA President Ronnie Holmes, a Graves County school board member. "This level of commitment to professional learning will pave the way for even more success in our Commonwealth's school districts."

The Kentucky School Boards Association was established in 1936 and represents 862 school board members in 172 districts across Kentucky. KSBA's mission is to enhance school board leadership in maximizing student achievement through superior support and services. KSBA serves as the leading advocate and resource for public school boards on behalf of successful students and stronger communities. For more information, visit


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