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Butler County Archers Win Big

The Bears Classic Archery event took place over the weekend and hosted by the Butler County Archery Program was a two day non-stop tournament at the local extension office.

375 archers from 21 schools shot their targets from 10 and 15 yards.

Butler County Middle School, Morgantown Elementary, and North Butler teams won their divisions. Coach Wesley Jones's team, Butler County Middle School, shot a combined score of 3,271 and had eight individuals shoot a 270 or higher. 

Jones believes that archery is a whole lot like everyday life.

 "If we focus on that one bad shot, there will be more to follow; but if we focus on the good shots, then we can reduce the number of bad shots. Let's not give too much credit to the bad shots; give credit to the good shots," said Jones.

Butler County High School coach Bobby McKee's team came in second.  McKee was observed several times advising archers.

There were some inspirational moments.  Kadence Howard, Ohio County High School senior, was allowed to shoot from a chair.  She has been on crutches for the last three weeks.

Dylan Black, Warren East 7th grader, went out for archery in the 5th grade.  His coaches built a bow stand out of PVC and plywood. Warren County Sheet Metal built the bow stand that Dylan uses now.  One of the requirements was that the bow couldn't be in a fixed position. He has to aim each time he shoots.

The next tournament is December 14th in Russellville.



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