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Butler County 2020 Tax Rates

The 2020 tax rates are set for Butler County.

Changes in tax rates include:

  • The City of Morgantown lowered real estate from 11.1 to 10.9 and raised tangible from 12.67 to 13.81.
  • Butler County School raised real estate from 41.50 to 41.70 and did not change tangible.
  • The Ambulance Board raised real estate and tangible from 8.7 to 8.9.
  • The Extension Board raised real estate from 7.054 to 7.195 and tangibles from 11.0169 to 11.4733.

The following entities left all tax rates the same as 2019:

  • Butler County
  • City of Rochester
  • City of Woodbury
  • Watersheds- Big Muddy, Big Reedy, Caney Creek, and Mud River
  • Library
  • Health Department

 CLICK HERE FOR 2020 Tax Rates: 2020 tax rates.pdf

CLICK HERE FOR 2019 Tax Rates: 2019 tax rates.pdf


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