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Burch Family Honored at Green River Museum

On Saturday, October 15, the Green River Museum held its annual fall open house, this year honoring the second family to live in the historic Superintendent's House, the James W. Burch family. Descendents of the Burch’s five children (Loucille, James, Mary, Martha, and Jessie Frances or “High Stepper”) were in attendance for Saturday’s event.
James W. Burch (1872-1935), his wife Fannie McReynolds Burch (1878-1966), and their five children occupied the Superintendent’s House from 1921 until 1932.  Completed in 1913, the federal government-constructed house was one of the largest and finest in the Green River region, complete with electric power, indoor plumbing, and a coal-fired furnace.  Upon retirement, Captain Burch and his family decided to remain in Woodbury.  They moved to the historic home “Windswept” (known as the Big House) in 1932 and the Burch family continued to live there until 2005.  The Green River Museum unveiled the recent restoration of the living room and dining.  The kitchen remains to be restored.
After viewing the residence, guests were treated to a reception in the Green River Museum.  The Burch descendents are a very talented group as they provided entertainment for the afternoon.


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