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From the BtN Scrapbook...

The building was built in 1948 by Judge Otis White and housed the Green River Republican and White's Attorney office.  Pictured is Onva White and son Hal, Judge Otis White and James D. Phelps.

Take a moment and step back in time with the Beech Tree News Scrapbook.We hope you enjoy!

Now, home to Beech Tree News and WLBQ radio.

Then, Ayers Funeral Home

Now, Jones Funeral Chapel

Then, Kellwood Factory

Now, Kentucky Copper

Then, Morgantown Deposit Bank

Morgantown Bank & Trust

Morgantown Prescription Center

Morgantown Prescription Center

Baby Joe

Smokin Joe




Hello Diane - That's a nice picture you posted showing Judge Otis White. Since he's a relative of mine, is there any way I could get in contact with the person who owns the original? It would sure look good in the "White Family of Indian Camp Creek" story I am compiling. Yhank you for any help you can give me. Phil White

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