Embry Impressions for rent
firehouse pizza
hunt auction banner proper

From the BtN Scrapbook...

Cookie's Hardware then...

Beech Tree News takes hundreds of pictures weekly that often do not make it on the pages of Beech Tree.  We thought we would share some of these with you.  Take a look back or see what happened this week.  We hope you enjoy!

Fire House Pizza now...

Do you know where this guy is at?

MCRC Celebrated President's Day

US Senate candidate Matt Bevin stopped by the Farm Boy.

Doug and Teresa Odle performed at the MB&T Customer Appreciation Day.

His name is Smokin Joe

Holland Dairy then... Jones Monument Company now...

Gulf Station then... Morgantown Mission now...



Got a picture of High Grove School? ? ? (Out in Dexterville)
This is really neat! I love the then & now pictures!

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