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BtN Facebook Winner Velma West chooses Five Seasons for $50

Velma West with Five Seasons owner Roger Moore

Beech Tree News fan Velma West left Five Seasons on Monday with a floral arrangement for Memorial Day at no cost to herself. West had been looking for an arrangement to place on her parents monument on the upcoming day of remembrance. So, the choice for her was easy when she was announced as the BtN Fan of the Month; West chose to spend her $50 at Five Seasons.

"I'm very glad that I was chosen as the Fan of the Month," said West. "Thank you Beech Tree," she added.

Moore added that Five Seasons was very glad that they could participate in the give-away.

John Embry, vice-president of Beech Tree News, said, "Our promotion has gone well; we have been able to put a little money in the hands of local consumers and help out a few local businesses these past few months. We look forward to continuing with our Fan of the Day/Month promotion."

As part of the BTN/Facebook promotion, daily winners (M-F) are randomly selected from the nearly 2,700 fans of the Beech Tree News Facebook page. Daily winners receive a two liter RC, RC Ten, or Sundrop. From the pool of daily winners, a monthly winner is randomly selected and receives a $50 gift certificate to the local business of their choice.


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