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BTN Candidate Profile:Terry Fugate/ Jailer

Terry Fugate

I am Terry Fugate, Butler County Jailer and I am seeking my fifth term for office. I worked as a Butler County Deputy Sheriff for 9 years and have been your Jailer for the past 15 years. I have dedicated my career to helping the people of Butler County and you have all made that possible by electing me. I am proud to call this county my home, and I reside in the South Hill Community with my wife Kelli. We have four children, Tara and husband Rodney, Travis and wife Taylor, Tessa and Tori. We also have four grandchildren that are our pride and joy; Leevi, Lawsen, Wrangler and Whitleigh.
The job of Butler County Jailer is much more than just keeping the doors locked and the inmates in.  I have seen changes occur almost monthly since I took office. As the population in today’s society changes, the inmate population also changes.  We must know and distinguish the type of inmate we are receiving as they walk in the door. My staff completes a booking process, internal jail classification, a medical screening, fingerprints, picture, pat down and search of every inmate that arrives at our facility. We also ensure the safety of our Inmates by doing 10 minute, 30 minute or hourly checks, this depending on the internal classification and cell location of each individual. Along with preparing daily reports for the Kentucky Department of Corrections, we must prepare Inmate Population Reports, Inmate Movement Reports, Inmate State Monthly Billing Reports and Inmate State Pay Reports to ensure our facility maintains all requirements and receives pay for every State Inmate housed in Butler County Jail. We also prepare Inmate Parole Plans and Substance Abuse Applications for the Department of Corrections and Probation and Parole to help determine that all inmates receive the treatments that best suits their needs while incarcerated and once released to the streets.
My goal as Jailer is to not only maintain a secure facility but also to decrease the number of Inmates that return. With the help of state mandated programs, halfway houses and now Andrea’s Mission I am happy to see men and women who are fighting their addiction. It has been very rewarding for me to see lives changed and watch several successful recoveries take place.  I have also made it my top priority to be fair and honest to everyone, including the inmates, booked into the Butler County Jail. We have the help of several people in the community who provide services to help the inmates, we are proud to offer GED classes, A/A, N/A, Church Services and Bible Studies weekly.  These services would not be available without the caring individuals in our community who dedicate their time and willingness. Each of them deserves credit and gratitude for the dedication they offer and are greatly appreciated.
If an inmate is classified eligible by either Roederer Correctional Facility or an order is signed by a judge, an inmate may be eligible to work.  We currently have an inmate crew that goes to the State Road Department and also to the City Maintenance Work Crew.  Both these are in addition to the crews that work on the court house lawn and work inside the facility. This spring we will be providing maintenance for the cemeteries for Memorial Day, Rochester Park, Woodbury Park, Butler County Saddle Club and other community buildings.  We will also continue to do roadside clean up as time allows.  The amount of work our crews are able to complete depends upon the number of inmates who are eligible to work.
I also work closely with the Butler County Fiscal Court in preparing my budget, with financial matters and the preparation of my budget. As Jailer I am in charge of hiring my own personnel but the Fiscal Court sets all salaries and the jail falls under county policies and procedures.  In closing, I would like to thank the many citizens who have supported me and gave me the opportunity to do a job that I love. I look forward to seeing you all as I campaign and anyone who is interested in yard signs, or campaign materials, please let me know. I would also like to ask for your continued support in May and ask you to Vote #2 on the ballot and Re-Elect me as your Butler County Jailer.


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