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BTN Candidate Profile:Suzanne Brosnan/PVA

Suzanne Brosnan is a Republican candidate for the office of Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) in the upcoming primary election.  With May drawing near, her door-to-door campaign is in full swing.  Suzanne would like everyone in Butler County to know that she, along with the help of her family and friends, will be making every effort to touch base with each of you.  She asks for your vote and support, and she would consider it an honor to represent you as your PVA.
Suzanne is the daughter of Bernice O. Phelps and the late JC Phelps.  She was raised on Dunn Store Road in Butler County along with her five brothers and sisters, Vickie Hutcheson (late husband Charlie), Kevin Phelps (wife Debi), Howard Phelps (wife Melinda), Penney Wallace (husband Mike), and Mike Phelps (wife Shelia).
She and her husband Tommy graduated from Butler County High School in 1980.  Suzanne gained an Associate’s Degree in Information Systems from Western Kentucky University in 1996, and after becoming Chief Deputy PVA eight (8) years ago, she became a Certified Kentucky Assessor (CKA) and Senior Kentucky Assessor (SKA).  She also completed a real estate class through WKU.
Suzanne and Tommy married in November 1982 and reside in the Provo community where Tommy grew up.  They have two daughters, Fawn and Fallon, whom they have felt fortunate to be able to raise in Butler County.  Their daughters both graduated from BCHS (Fawn 2005 and Fallon 2008) and from WKU (Fawn 2009 and Fallon 2011).  Suzanne is treasurer and Sunday school teacher at Monticello Baptist Church where they attend.
Her entire working career has been in service to Butler County.  She worked as secretary, finance officer, and deputy judge/executive for County Judges’ David Martin and Hugh Evans.  If elected, she pledges to continue to serve the people of Butler County by being available, caring, honest, and dependable.  Suzanne feels that as an elected official it would be privilege and honor to serve the needs of Butler County.


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