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BTN Candidate Profile: Ricky Romans/Butler County Jailer

Ricky Romans

I am Ricky Romans and I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself as a candidate for the office of Butler County Jailer.  With several years of jail experience under my belt, I understand and appreciate the importance of public service.  

I think it's important to know about any candidate seeking public office.  For starters, I am a lifelong resident of Butler County and I love our community. I am married to Kay Romans and my daughter, Allie Romans, is a senior at Butler County High School. I have another daughter, Hillary, and two stepsons, Brandon and Mitch, and two grandsons, Trevin and Cooper.

I have been involved in our community in many ways.  I support and attend Butler County sports events and other school-related activities.  I served on the Butler County Chamber Board of Directors - a non-paying position - and have helped with the Green River Catfish Festival for many years.  Why?  Because I love this county and our community. I support all local organizations and fundraisers and I do this all the time, not just during an election year.  Why?  Because this community is my home and I strive to be the same person year-round.  

Following my service in the United States Air Force, I worked as Deputy Jailer for my grandfather - Butler County Jailer Hilery "Jim Bat" Johnson - from 1990-98.  This opportunity gave me valuable insight into the qualities and characteristics it takes to serve the public in this capacity.  Understanding that the safe and efficient operation of the jail is more important than politics,  I have not promised anyone a job and won’t until after the election.  At that point I will evaluate the situation and make the appropriate staffing decisions.  With this experience in all aspects of jail operations, I will be ready on day one to provide effective and efficient leadership at the Butler County Jail. 

With my campaign in full swing all across Butler County, I will do my best to see each and every one of you before the election.  But, due to my full-time job and everyone's busy schedule, I may miss you.  Please know, however, that your vote and support is important to me.  If you you entrust me with your vote and the job of Butler County Jailer, I will be your full-time jailer. I need your help and vote to win this election and you will not be disappointed if you elect me. I pledge to be fair, honest, and trustworthy as your jailer and my staff will be held to the same high standards.  I will never forget that it’s your tax money that runs the jail and it will be used wisely.  I humbly ask for your vote and support and I'll never forget for whom I work - YOU - the taxpayers of Butler County! 

Checkout my Facebook page at Ricky Romans for Butler County Jailer and be sure to "Like" it. Message me or call me if you would like a shirt, hat, yard sign, wristband, or if you have any questions.  My number 270-791-2246 and my door will always be open to address the concerns of citizens.  Thank you in advance for your vote and support on Tuesday, May 20.





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Good job Ricky.

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