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BTN Candidate Profile: Richard Embry/PVA

I am Richard Embry, and I am a candidate for the office of Property Valuation Administrator. My parents are the late Elmer Embry and Estelle. I have three children: Nathan (26), Madison (19), and Drake (17). My sister is Sandy, married to Jerry Martin of Woodbury.

As any parent, I am active and volunteer time for my children's school and other extracurricular activities. I have been involved throughout our community and volunteered several years for the Catfish Festival. I also served as a former member of the Board of Directors for the Boys and Girls Club. I feel it is a duty of any elected official to volunteer time to local and state wide organizations that help and improve Butler County.

My qualifications for the office are:

    8 years as your PVA
    1981 Graduate of Ward Elliot Institute of Real Estate and passed exam

for Kentucky Real Estate License

    2001 Certified KY Assessor 1st in Butler County
    2005 Senior KY Assessor 1st in Butler County
    8 year member of the PVA Association, serving on several committees
    8 year member of the International Association of Assessing Officers, serving

4 years on IAAO Public Relations Committee

By serving on these committees, with a wide variety of PVAs and different department managers from the Kentucky Department of Revenue, I was able to have Butler County selected as one of seven counties in the 2001 Kentucky Digital Mapping Pilot Program. In 2005, Butler County was again selected as one of ten counties for the Kentucky Global Information Systems Structure Point Program. These programs helped the Butler County PVA office to become one of the technologically advanced counties in Kentucky. If elected, I will continue to find ways to modernize and advance the PVA office.


It is time to give some relief to the taxpayers of Ky!
Why does the State of Ky not give taxpayers the option to prepay their property taxes, monthly, quarterly, or lump sum to help reduce the burden of a large tax bill? If the auto insurance companies, utilities, banks, and other companies can , why not Ky? If you elect me, I will use my contacts in the PVA Association, Department of Revenue, and the State Legislature to push to get a Bill passed that will help the taxpayers of the State of Ky.

My door, phone, cell, text, email, and most importantly, my time, will always be open for you. Dedicated to Butler County is how I truly feel and it’s not just a campaign slogan. From now until the election, I look forward to meeting and discussing issues with as many of you as possible. If you have questions or would like a yard sign, you can call or text me at (270) 999-5141 or email me at [email protected]. You may also contact my mother, Estelle Embry, who has volunteered to answer calls at (270) 526-3764. Your vote and influence is appreciated.


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