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BTN Candidate Profile: David Fields/Judge-Executive

I want to take this opportunity to thank the people of Butler County for the honor of serving you as Butler County Judge-Executive for the past eight years and to officially announce my candidacy for re-election. 
When seeking elective office a few years ago, I stressed the importance of bringing people together and leadership through consensus building between all the stakeholders in the community.  As Judge-Executive, I have worked hard to bring that type of leadership to county government. 
There are many areas in which I feel the county has made progress over the past few years.  The ambulance service, animal shelter, road department, and economic development are all responsibilities of county government in which we've worked hard to improve. 
As Judge-Executive, I worked with magistrates to help create a special taxing district in order to put our ambulance service on firm financial ground, while shoring up county government's finances in the process.  Recognizing the importance of maintaining a quality local ambulance service was and is one of my top priorities and I'm proud of the steps we took to achieve that goal.
Likewise, the animal shelter was another county responsibility in which we took steps to improve.  The facility has received a facelift, operating procedures were streamlined, an aggressive pet adoption program was enacted, and now a volunteer board assists with shelter operations.
Many of you have noticed Butler County Road Department personnel up and down county roads lately battling the snow and ice.  I am proud of the employees in our road department and we've made significant investments in quality equipment in order to keep the roads safe and clear for travel. 
Economic development is another area in which I feel we've made progress over the past few years.  Though we still face challenges in this area, companies have located here, jobs have been added to the local economy, and I believe we're moving in the right direction.  Partnering with our local Chamber of Commerce, the City of Morgantown, as well as the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce, has helped to market our community to potential employers in a way that will continue to pay dividends in the future.
Finally, let me say that none of these accomplishments would have been possible without the combined effort of many individuals and organizations in our community.  As Judge-Executive, I think that one part of effective administration and leadership is in bringing diverse groups together to achieve shared goals.  Therefore, whether it has been working with our local school district or with our rural development clubs, I have tried to work cooperatively will all parties to move our community forward. 
As I campaign across the county for re-election, understandably I will miss some of you.  Therefore, I want to take this opportunity to ask you for your vote on Tuesday, May 20.  As your Judge-Executive for another term, I will bring steady leadership and valuable experience to the office.  I will continue the progress we've made together.  And, I will never forget for whom I work - the people of Butler County.       


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